Assuring quality, innovation and performance in low carbon buildings and localised energy systems.

What we do

We work with our customers to deliver low carbon buildings, energy related digital technologies and local energy systems.

Building Physics

Digital Technologies

Distributed Energy

Service Areas

We offer a full range of services related to the latest digital technologies, existing buildings, market development and new buildings.


We are a mix of engineers, scientists and generalists with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are united by a desire to make a difference for customers and partners, and to accelerate creation of an ethically-based, low carbon economy that creates wealth for all.

Matthew Rhodes

Managing Director

Graham Eastwick


Helen Brown

Practice Head of Building Physics

Kate Ashworth

Practice Head of Distributed Energy Projects

Nigel Rock

Operations and Quality Manager

Alex Baines

Regional Director for the South-East

Linda Forbes

Commercial and Innovation Projects Manager

Monika Robbins

Finance Manager

James Laidler

Executive and Marketing Assistant

Jim Lott

Digital Technologies Team Leader

James Perry

Senior Digital Technologies Developer

Paige Dennis

Digital Technologies Designer

Steven Coulsting

Senior Consultant and Architect

Paul Jennings

Senior Consultant

Adam Moring


Archie Corliss


James Wayman


Nuria Lopez


Ricky Moseley